Tuesday, 21 May 2013

11 January 1982 : WADALA,MUMBAI
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Manohar arjun  surve urf Manya surve….!

   It was the 11 th January when Bombay police did their first encounter in their history. This story is about manohar arjun surve aka manya surve.. it was as usual time and scenario in ambedkar college situated in wadala, the crowd was full of students and midst of taxi horn all around. Girl and boys were all around the campus,but among them there were several policemen dressed as collegians and waiting for some one….manya!

Who was that manya? What  was reason of encounter?

1944 in ratnagiri city and ranpura village manya surve was born .after clearing s.s.c manya moved to Mumbai with his mother and brother and took admission in kirti college. Manya’s brother bhargav was a bootlegger and was professionally called as “bhargav dada”. Under his brothers influence manya surve made his own gang in college itself. Bhragav dada used to do his bhaigiri in vorli area,agar bazzar .in that area bhargav dada has more enemy than his friend.

It was in 1969 manya surve and bhargav were caught in a murder case in same area . local inspector name E.S.Dabolkar caught them. They were found guilty and then sent to jail for life time imprisionment. They were send to yeravada jail. In yeravada jail manya meet with SUHAS BHATKAR URF POTYA. Potya was bhai in the yeravada jail. So it was challenge for manya surve to continue his power in jail. Many a times manya surve and potya fought but after all that they become friends in jail.

Fights threatening and bhaigiri was daily work for manya surve in jail. Crew member of jail were also threaten by manya . we know that gandhiji used to go on fast for truth and satyagrah similarly manya also prefer to go on fast to make his wishes in jail fullfiled. So on one incident he had gone on fast and had lost 18-20 kg weight. Jailer then decided to send him to ratnagiri jail. So before sending to ratnagiri jail he was sent to government hospital. On 14 november 1974  he was successful to run from that. After escaping fron ratnagiri hospital he then went to Mumbai

At Mumbai he had option to change his life by doing good deeds but he chose his old way and made his gang in Mumbai. Manya had learn all the skill of a gangster in jail itself. Then manya started finding his old friends in making his gang . his gang include sheikh munir from dhravani area and Vishnu patil from dobivalina.

In 1980  his gang was successfully made and that was a time when Mumbai was going to face a new gangster. For this new gang the first big challenge was to have money because without no money they cant survive as gang. Manya used to read a novel “ JAMES HADLEY CHASE “ and from that he got an idea of bank robbery. And that robbery was successful for manya and that was real rise of manya. After that incident people used to  have fear of manya surve.
(as shown in movie manya was not involved at all in killing daud’s big brother shabirr. It’s another story!)
 Mnaya surve soon came in notice to police. At that time D.S.P YASHVANT BHIDE made a team of 18 policemen to underarrest manya.

On 22 june 1981 it was beginning of hard times for manya surve. Manyas best friend sheikh munir was caught by police in a canteen of kalyan factory. After some days dayanand shetty was also caught. And that made manya alone.   19 november 1981 police raid at bhivandi to trap manya surve , but manya was successful to escape from there due to help of uday shetty.

Police were now in rage and were doing all the efforts to catch manya. On one day with the help of imformers ploice got imformation that manya is going to come at ambedkar college to meet his girlfriend ( his girlfriend was a widow women with 2 children)

At 1 pm a taxi arrived at entrance of ambedkar college and a tall man whitely dresses came out and moved to parlour at opposite side …that was manya. Manya was carrying a short handgun. After meeting his girlfriend manya came out . he was soon trap by policemen dreseed as college boys.

The whole encounter was directed by inspector ishaq baghva and psi RAJA TAMBAT.
As soon as manya was trap without giving him any chance to escspe nor to surrender tambat fired two bullet .  but that didn’t affected much manya also started doing his best , and gave a  tough fight to police men but inspector ishaq bhagva at the distance of 6 feet fired 2 bullet along with raja tambat and total five bullet were fired at manya surve.  And  that was first Mumbai encounter

Mumbai was almost changed after that encounter. Police gain a huge respect after that. Inspectoe ishaq baghva and psi raja tambat got medal from president . even underworld also started fearing from Mumbai police. That was a rising period of Mumbai police.

Manya surve was on the way to hospital and at that time he made his last attempt to escape and fought with tambat and bhagva and failed in his attempt and thus was declared dead before he could reach hospital.

At that time many stories came that manya was still alive and police had killed a prototypically man looking like manya but fingerprints report proved that it was manya only.